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Lightning Rock Winery

Viognier Vertical

Viognier Vertical

We decided to pull up our beloved Viognier vines. Learn More Here.

This is the last chance to order these special wines before they're gone forever! The farewell vertical includes 4 bottles of Viognier from 2019, 2020, 2021 and the newest 2022 release. While each vintage boats distinct flavours, they share subtle fruit-driven aromas, a dry style, and expressive palates.

2019 Viognier - jasmine, petrol, orange blossoms, crisp and salty

2020 Viognier - bracing white peach, vanilla, ripe asian pear

2021 Viognier - tangerine, fuzzy peach candies, sweet grass, creamy key lime pie

2022 Viognier - white flowers, apricot, Bartlett green pear, tart lemon

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