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Lightning Rock Winery

About Us

When touring our new home and absorbing the responsibility of farmland stewardship, a large granite rock was discovered, perfectly split in half. Local rumours say it was hit by lightning during a spring storm. A reflection of the land – perched halfway up this thermal producing volcanic ridge of a vineyard– it aligns perfectly with our desire to create electric, juicy wines made from healthy, holistically farmed grapes. As a team, Jordan, Tyler, and Ron strive to work harmoniously with nature to express each vineyard in the glass. An exciting exploration of Summerland through grapes.

Jordan Kubek and Tyler Knight 

The spark behind Lightning Rock comes from Jordan Kubek and Tyler Knight, who have been making wine in Summerland  since 2011. Jordan has a certificate in winemaking from Washington State University and is fuelled by her passion – making electric, terrior driven sparkling wine. Jordan and Tyler spent their Canadian winters working harvests in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile. Back at their home base in Summerland, they both worked at Okanagan Crush Pad where Jordan was the sparkling winemaker for 7 years.  Tyler has an education in biology and etymology from UBC Okanagan and is a true winegrower. He farms our vineyards and works with Jordan to create electric wines.         

Ron Kubek 

Ron Kubek Coming out of early retirement after a successful career in real estate on Vancouver Island, the choice to work with his family in the wine business was an easy one. First acquiring the Elysia Vineyard, Ron’s skills came into play as a home and farmworker housing were renovated. Then followed the purchase of Canyonview Vineyard, doubling production in 2018, his business expertise has been of great value. In 2019, new designs for the winery building began, and the building was constructed, sparking the growth of this family business.