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Lightning Rock Winery

Pet-Nat Party

Pet-Nat Party

What: 2022 Pet-Nat Release Party
Where: Lighting Rock Winery / 6611 Giant's Head Road, Summerland
Date: November 30th 2022
Time: 2 - 6pm

Pétillant-naturel (or as the cool kids call it: Pet-Nat) is a sparkling wine made in the ancestrale method, where the wine is bottled during its primary fermentation, without the addition of secondary sugars or yeasts.

The result? A wine snapshotting the day we harvest - fresh, bright, fruit-froward flavours with a foamy, cider-like texture to the bubbles.

Unlike our other sparkling wines, Pet-Nats aren't meant to be aged, so let's get together, pop a bottle and start enjoying! 


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