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Lightning Rock Winery

Lightning Rock Winery
November 26, 2020 | Reviews, Winery News | Lightning Rock Winery

Winemaker’s Thoughts on BC Harvest 2020

Thank you to BCWineTrends for including us in their recent article 'Winemaker’s Thoughts on BC Harvest 2020'.

We had something good to report in 2020, because it was our best year yet! Having now four years of experience with our three vineyards in Summerland, we dialled in the yield and organic practices we follow. We even started to follow the biodynamic calendar, picking and pressing on fruit and flower days as much as possible. Tasting through the cellar, we are excited with how alive and vibrant all the wines are tasting, especially our Pinot Noirs. 

Click here to read more about how our friends and neighbors fared throughout the valley.


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