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Lightning Rock Winery

Lightning Rock Winery
April 22, 2021 | Reviews | Lightning Rock Winery

Small-lot craft drinks that are visual works of art

Thanks to Aman Dosanj for her recent article in Arman recently chatted with five different liquor producers in interior B.C. who embrace art collaboration, and why art is a key component of what they do.

'Located in Summerland, Lightning Rock is a small-lot winery banging out electric–predominantly single vineyard and single varietal–natural sparkling and still wines. Focusing on pinot noir, chardonnay, viognier and syrah, the farmer-winemaker duo Jordan Kubek (JK) and Tyler Knight are known for sabering bottles of bubbles with everything from a ski to an iron.'

Who’s your artist, and why did you want to work with them?

JK: Sam Smith is the best! She’s a friend of Tyler's from high school–she’s local and super talented. We try as much as possible to support local people in everything we do.

What came first, the artwork or the wine? 

JK: The wine came first. However, both Tyler and I are farmers and not overly artistic. Working with someone like Sam, who knew Tyler and the Okanagan, made coming up with a design we love harmonious.

Out of all of your current vintages, which bottle boasts your favourite artwork?

JK: I love the Pét-Nat labels with the lightning bolt and the rock. It is really dynamic; I think it captures the essence of the wine and what we are all about.

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