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Lightning Rock Winery

Katrice Sutherland
April 5, 2022 | Katrice Sutherland

The Pet-Nat formerly known as Cider

Alyssa Hubert tells me she has a lot of friends at her house right now. No, she’s not hosting a dinner party, and her house isn’t so much her dwelling as it is the cidery at Creek & Gully, where she is Head Cidermaker. Her “friends”, in this case, are fermentations – apples and grapes sitting in tank together, all symbolizing different collaborative projects with local winemakers.


Beloved bubble winemaker and owner of Lightning Rock and Pamplemousse Jus in Summerland, Jordan Kubeck, (you can find our profile of her here) notes that “there’s a lot of fruit around here just waiting to be co-fermented into a delicious bottle of something.” She believes that sparkling versions of fruit-and-grape wine are the most successful, and the term “fruit-nat” certainly affirms that. Jordan has recently released her own fruity fermentation, noting the ingenuity of vineyard owner Dana Ewart for creating a piquette recipe of Gewürztraminer skins with wild golden plums for the Pamplemousse Jus orange piquette. As piquettes tend to be light and easy-going, alternative fruit sources are an ideal way to flesh out texture and fruitiness.

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