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Lightning Rock Winery

Lightning Rock Winery
December 22, 2020 | Winery News | Lightning Rock Winery

12 days of sabering

Sabering champagne and sparkling wines is a tradition that goes back to Napoleonic times, but this season we’re keeping the cool party trick alive by slicing into 12 different Okanagan bubbles!

Follow Jordan on our IGTV account as we interview friends and sparkling wine makers from across the Okanagan valley in a sabering demonstration using various household tools to get the job done. Enjoy the fun (and mess!) while learning just what makes each wine unique and special...

Day 1: Kelsey Rufiange from Echo Bay Vineyard and her delicious Petit Verdot Pét-Nat vs. a ski!
Day 2: Matt Sherlock from Nichol Vieyard and his Extra Brut Pinot Noir - Pinot Meunier vs. a tap shoe!
Day 3: Costa Gavaris from Rigour and Whimsy with his 2019 Cowabunga vs. a lightsaber!
Day 4: Creek and Gully with the most dangerous saber yet! Strong glass vs. a skate and a pot!
Day 5: Our neighbour Cam Walker from Lunessence Winery came up for a quick saber using winery tools! 
Day 6: Alan from Synchromesh Wines and a highly explosive/pressurized Reisling vs. and iron!
Day 7: Jay from Bella Homestead and his delicious 2017 Mariani Vineyard Clone 509 Ancestrale vs. a tractor!
Day 8: Assistant winemaker Hunter from Blue Mountain Winery with the classiest of Okanagan sparkling wines, Blue Mountain Brut and a first time saber!
Day 9: A solstice sabering with our neighbours Kennan from Sage Hills Winery using a chainsaw!
Day 10:  Anthony from Anthony Buchanan Wines found a bottle of 1993 sparkling riesling from Hainle Winery, and the results are hilarious when he tries to saber with a can of hairspray!
Day 11: Rajen from Ursa Major Winery keeps things fun and fresh! Cheers!
Day 12: Dave form Tantalus Vineyards shows us how to saber like a pro using his daughters ski!

Click here to view all these videos (and more!) on our IGTV account.


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